For a long time, the bazaar was the center of urban public life of Eastern people – a place where merchants and local residents gathered to buy or sell goods, discuss news, sit in a tea house and sample national dishes. Earlier there were street performances of strongmen and maskaraboz (clowns), as well as puppet shows and dances.

It was a city of craftsmen literally , skillful jewelers, weavers, braziers, gunsmiths, potters lived in it. Especially valued Shash ceramics – jugs, bowls, dishes, and specially crafted leather – green shagreen.

To this day, the Chorsu bazaar has managed to preserve the atmosphere of traditional eastern trade.

Here are the shops of artisans, food rows and clothing market. In the central part of the bazaar rises the main, ornamented, monumental domed structure with a diameter of about 300-350 meters – the winter building of the bazaar.

At the bazaar you can find a variety of rice, peas and beans. Here you can find sweet melons, dried fruits, and a huge amount of spices. In the dairy department you can enjoy a national snack from mozzarella – “kurt”. And for lovers of oriental cuisine there is a shopping mall with ready-made food – “ovkat bozor” (food market).

Bazaar “Chorsu” is a unique place where you can find “almost everything”, evaluate the oratory of Oriental merchants and buy a wide variety of souvenirs – chapans (colorful cotton robe), real Uzbek skullcaps and national fabrics.

Near the bazaar there are architectural structures: Kukeldash Madrasah, Khast Imam complex and Jami Mosque.


Address: Tashkent, st. Navoi 48, Chorsu metro station

Phone: (998 71) 233 54 14

Work schedule: daily, except Mondays

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