Tashkent Botanical Garden was established in 1943 and is a structural part of the Institute of the Gene Pool of Flora and Fauna of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

The Botanical Garden is one of the largest in the Central Asian region, and in Uzbekistan it is registered as a unique natural object. Its area of ​​68 hectares of land is divided into 5 plots: plants of the East Asian, Indochinese, Circumorial (Crimea, Caucasus, Europe), North American and Central Asian floristic region.

In the Garden’s collection include over 6,000 plants. Here are rare species such as the big cypress, black coast, white oak, blue ash, evergreen magnolia, sugar maple, tulip tree.

And in the nursery garden you can learn more about medical plants.

Also here you can find more than 30 nesting, migratory and wintering species of birds, some of which are not typical for the rest of Tashkent.

The air in Garden is clean and nature is unique

Address: str. Bogishamol, 232

Telephone: (998 71) 289-10-60, (998 71) 289-04-65

Work schedule: 09:00 – 18:00, seven days a week



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