In the Padang – a small village of the Baysun district, there is an amazing place that burns the imagination – a high-mountain place , which has become one of the most mysterious places of natural anomalies. A short climb to the mountain on which miracles occur, contradicts to the physics laws.

Many centuries ago, the citizens discovered that the object left on the rise does not roll down, but climbed up. Amazing, isn’t it? Absolutely for unexplainable reasons, on a certain part of the route, water flows backwards, balls rolls upwards, and a car with the engine off is driving up.


For a long time this phenomenon did not receive wide popularity and remained within the region. The fact of mystery has spread relatively recently, thanks to initiative bloggers who eagerly learned about the place anomaly and questioned the residents, and then published the information on their websites. And this anomaly is not the only one. Similar unusual phenomen are known in Israel (Beit Shemesh), Jordan (Devil’s Gorge), India (Ladhak), Middle Urals (Nevyansky District) and South Korea (Jeju).


Therefore, tourists try not to miss an opportunity to visit this climb, to see firstly what every guide in our country tells.


Despite the Baysun gravitational anomaly is real only at  50 meters site, tourists are can be attracted here not only by this “mistery”, but also by the nature of the region. The tops of the mountains, covered with snow, within the plains of flowering gardens … A place where you want to stay longer.

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