“Uzbekistan” Palace of International Forums is located on Amir Temur Square. The official opening of the palace was held  in September 2009, in honor of the celebration of the 2,200th anniversary of Tashkent. The palace is intended for holding symphony concerts, ballet and theater productions, as well as congresses and conference.

The height of the snow-white building is 48 meters, the total area is more than 9,500 square meters. The palace is crowned with a dome with a diameter of 53 meters, on which a sculpture of storks, symbolizing peace and happiness, is installed.

The palace has a meeting room with 1,800 seats, as well as banquet and conference rooms for 300 seats each. The ceiling is decorated with chandeliers made from 1.1 million Swarovski crystals. The interior of the palace is widely represented national architecture.


The facade of the palace is decorated with a colonnade and frames with an oriental ornament and the image of the sun, repeating the pattern of the heavenly body at Sherdor madrassah in Samarkand.

Around the building there is a green zone with flower beds, trees and pavements, fountains are installed.

Photos: Zooey Braun




Адрес:  ул. ИСТИКБОЛ 1

Ориентир: площадь Амира Темура, гостиница «Узбекистан», ресторан Бахор

Телефон: (99871) 2328663

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