The culture of Uzbekistan is colorful and original,  our traditions and customs, which have come down to us from the depths of the centuries, call joy and admiration. In the traditions of our people to arrange folk festivals on such joyful occasions as the appearance of the first blooming tulips, delicate snowdrops, the festival of flowers and much more. But among many holidays, a special place is given to “Kovun sayli” – fest about harvesting ripe melons.

In connection with this, on August 25, another traditional festival: “Melon, honey and national dishes: yesterday, today, tomorrow” took place in the center of Gulistan on the square named after A. Khojaev, which was remembered for a long time by vivid memories to residents and visitors of the city.

As we know, melon is a very useful product. At 90% it consists of water and at the same time contains a large amount of carbohydrates. We can not say about the taste of Mirzachul and Syrdarya melons, which are famous throughout the world for their sweet, like honey, taste and the brightest aroma.

The melon festival was organized by the hokimiyat (administration) of the Syrdarya region in the format of the traditions of the past, present and future. Guests of the festival received a lot of impressions and positive emotions, having tasted treats – melons, watermelons and national dishes specially prepared for the occasion.

There were a fairshops, where hot sun growned ripe fruits, a large number of different varieties of honey and, of course, Uzbek national bread were presented.

The festival included performances of folklore ensembles and novice performers; participants were awarded in various nominations.

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