In 1997, a new zoo was opened on the territory of  the Botanical Garden. The total area is  ​​21.5 hectares.

The animals live in spacious comfortable conditions for the winter cold.

Today, the zoo has the following departments:

“Aquarium”, “Terrarium”, “Primates”, “Parrots”, “Birds”, “Predatory”, “Waterfowl”, “Ungulates”, “Invertebrates”, “Small Mammals”, “Vivarium”, “Cattery “Animals” and “Contact Zoo”.


The zoo has been supplemented with such exotic animals as the Asian elephant, Malay bear, langurs, gibbons, various species of cranes, ibis, parrots and many others.

Due to numerous requests from residents and guests of Uzbekistan, as well as from a long-time employee dream, at last one of the most beloved representatives of the African fauna, a giraffe, arrived at the Tashkent zoo.


Address: str. Bogishamol 232-A.

Phone: (998 71) 289-07-95



Working hours:

8:00 to 20:00 – in the summer

9:00 to 17:30 –  in winter

Seven days a week


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