The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a Catholic temple in Tashkent. Cathedral Church of the Apostolic Administration of Uzbekistan. Also known in the city as the “Polish Catholic Church”.

Construction of the Catholic church in Tashkent was begun in 1912.

After the revolution and the coming to power of the Bolsheviks in Tashkent, construction was suspended.

In 1976, after the authorities decided to restore the building, it was restored.

In 1981, the church building was declared an architectural and historical monument of Uzbekistan.

On October 22, 2000, the building of the resurrected Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was consecrated by Archbishop Marian Oles.

Currently, Sunday Mass in the temple is conducted in three languages: English, Russian, and Korean.

Address: st. Tarrakiet 80/1

Phone: +998 71 233 42 55


Schedule of Sunday Divine Services in the summer (June, July, August):

9:00 – in English

10:30 – in Russian

4:00 pm – in Korean

Service schedule on Sunday for the rest of the time:

10:00 – in English

12:00 – in Russian

4:00 pm – in Korean

On weekdays throughout the year:

Tuesday – 07:00

From Wednesday to Saturday – 18:00

Dress code:

By visiting religious sights of Uzbekistan, it is advisable for women to cover up the exposed parts of the body (shoulders, back and legs)


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