Earlier, the mosque “Islom Ota” wore the name “Zhurabek”. This is one of the oldest mosques in

The mosque is decorated with the main dome (22.1 m), a large minaret (36.65 m) and four small minarets (10.82 m). The ceilings and walls of the mosque are painted with suras from the Holy Koran.

After the reconstruction, taking into account the suggestions and wishes of the general public, it was decided to rename the mosque. Now it is named after the first President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov.


The building also has equipment for people with disabilities, the latest air purification system, and air conditioning. On the adjacent territory are places for recreation.

The mosque has a library where new books, unique manuscripts and rare editions are available.



Адрес: ул. Фаргона йули

Дресс-код: при посещении религиозных достопримечательностей Узбекистана женщинам желательно прикрыть открытые части тела (плечи, спина и ноги)

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