The Kalan Minaret is the most magnificent building in Bukhara. According to the author on the history of medieval Bukhara Muhammad Narshakhi (in the Kubawi’s interpretation), Kalan was built by the ruler of Bukhara Arslan-khan (early 12th century) at the new mosque of the city. The first attempt to build a minaret on the site was unsuccessful and the minaret fell on the mosque. Instead of the old collapsed one there was built a new one, which has been preserved to this day. It was built in 1127-1129; the height of the minaret is 45.6 m.

Around the middle of the trunk of the minaret, a tumbledown inscription survived in kulfi script.During the taking of Bukhara in 1920, troops under the command of Mikhail Frunze at the time of the shelling by the direct hit stalactite cornice and the inscription with it were destroyed. During restoration in 1923, the building inscription under it was replaced by the zone of geometric mosaic (by master Abdalqadur Baqiev). After the earthquake of 1976, the cornice partially collapsed, and it was restored in 1980 built on old photos.

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