Independence Square (Mustakillik Maidoni) the main square in the center of Tashkent with a more than a century of history. For many years the area has changed its name several times. And after the  Independence of Uzbekistan in 1991 it became a symbol of an independent state.

Until 1865, on the site of the square was located the palace of the Kokand khans. Then here on the site of the destroyed palace was built the residence of the Turkestan Governor-General of the Russian Empire. The square in front of the residence was later called Cathedral, Red (1930), and since 1974, after reconstruction , it was renamed to Lenin Square.

In September 1992, the Square was renamed to “Mustakillik Maydoni”, which means “Independence Square”.

Today, Mustakillik Maydoni is the central landmark of modern Tashkent. Here are held folk festivals during national holidays. This is a great place for national festivities among the fountains and green alleys.

On the square are located the administrative buildings of the Government office and the Senate. The entrance to Mustakillik Square is decorated with the Ezgulik Arch (“Good and Noble Aspirations”), over which storks rise above. Light and elegant design is based on 16 columns of white marble, the length of this architectural ensemble is 150 meters.

In the center of the square stands the monument of Independence and Humanism, which is a globe with the outlines of state borders, which symbolizes the recognition of Uzbekistan in the world community.

Later, in 2006, a sculpture of a Woman with a baby in her arms, symbolizing the Motherland, was installed in front of the monument of Independence . The architectural ensemble is a symbol of the motherland, life and wisdom, glory and honor.

There is also a memorial on the square – the Memory Square dedicated to those who did not return from the Second World War. Their names are written in gold letters in the “Book of Memory”, which is located here. The memorial represents the figure of the Grieving Mother bowed at the eternal fire, who did not wait for the fronts of that war of her children.

Address: Tashkent,  “Mustakillik Maydoni”metro station.

Free entrance.

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