The square in the center of Tashkent was founded in 1882 at the intersection of the former ancient trade routes that formed around the city many hundreds of years ago. The avenue was a segment of the caravan route to Kashgar. Thus, we can assume that the neighborhood of this intersection from ancient times was a kind of religious place.

In 1994, in the center of the square, a monument was erected to the great commander and statesman of the 14th century, Amir Timur, who created in the vast territory from the Mediterranean Sea to India a single centralized state, with the capital in Samarkand which included 27 states.

The monument is presented in the form of a bronze figure of Amir Timur on horseback.

On the up of the monument, in four languages ​​engraved Amir Timur’s famous statement: “The power of justice.” The author of the monument is sculptor Ilhom Jabbarov.

The square is a circle system of 8 avenues. In November 2009, the square was reconstructed.

Today the square is one of the most favorite vacation spots for Tashkent residents and guests of the capital.

Around the public garden are located the Uzbekistan Hotel, the building of the Institute of Law (the former building of the women’s gymnasium), the Amir Timur Museum, the Tashkent Chimes and the International Palace of the Forums.

Address: Tashkent, Amir Timur metro station.

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