There is an interesting story about the origin of the Tashkent chimes: the watchmaker and a resident of Tashkent – I.A. Eisenstein brought the clock tower mechanism from Germany after World War II as a trophy. A competition was held for the design of a building for a clock by the city’s architecture department, and the best design was chosen. The place for the Clock Tower was chosen at the entrance to the city park. The decoration of the building of the astronomical clock was carried out with the active participation of the famous ganch carver (raw alabaster), the renowned ornamental painter, honorary member of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan Usto Shirin Muradov.

On May 9, 1947, the Tashkent chimes began their countdown. For nearly 70 years, the Chimes are counting down the Tashkent time. Subsequently, Eisenstein served for many years the mechanism of the chimes, and also took an active part in restoring their working capacity after the 1966 earthquake.

In 2009, by the 2200th anniversary of Tashkent, one more Chimes were built – the second tower was erected, an exact copy of the first one.

Address: Tashkent, st. Istikbal, City Square,  Uzbekistan Hotel

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