Tashkent Circus began its history more than 100 years ago. Initially, the performances were held in the building of the so-called “Tashkent Coliseum”, built of wood and covered with an iron dome. In addition to circus performances, theatrical performances and cinema shows were held in the same building.

A temporary circus tent was built around Uzbekistan, where the Tashkent Circus periodically came to amuse and delight the people with their performances.

The famous Uzbek circus families, the Tashkenbaevs and Zaripovs dynasties, began their career in the years of the formation of the Uzbek circus art. Until now, people admire the technique and creative approach to the creation of circus acts, transmitted from generation to generation.

After the earthquake of 1966, the government decided to destroy the old building, and 10 years later Circus moved to a modern building, which is work till nowadays.

On the basis of the circus, more than 20 performances, more than 100 new numbers, as well as more than 10 major attractions were staged. Each time, the artists of the Tashkent circus succeed in creating a sensation and surprising young and adult spectators, which is why the full hall is never empty.

Address: Tashkent, Khadra Square 1

Phone: (998 71) 244 34 35

Website: http://cirk.uz

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