November 6, 1977 the first passenger underground traffic was opened in the first section of the Chilanzar line. The line connected the City center with the Chilanzar district and Tashkent Station.

Chilanzar line (opened in 1977) stations:

  • Amir Timur Hiyoboni
  • Mustakillik Maidoni
  • Pakhtakor
  • Bunyodkor (formerly Halklar Dustligi)
  • Milly bog
  • Novza (formerly Hamza)
  • Chilanzar
  • Mirzo Ulugbek
  • Olmazor (previously S. Rakhimov).

The second section of the Chilanzar line was opened on August 10, 1980. Now the city center was connected to the railway station Salar and the northeast of the city. 


  • Hamid Alimzhan
  • Pushkin
  • Buyuk Ipak Yuli (formerly Maxim Gorky).
  • The first section of the Uzbekistan line was opened on October 27, 1984. He connected the Pakhtakor Stadium with the Tashkent Station.

Uzbekistan line stations:

  • Alisher Navoi
  • Uzbekistan
  • Cosmonautlar (formerly Kosmonavtov Avenue)
  • Oybek
  • Toshkent
  • Mashinozoslar (formerly Tashselmash)
  • Dustlik (formerly Chkalovskaya)

The second section of the Uzbekistan line was opened on November 7, 1987 and connected the station with the TashSelMash plant and the Chkalov Aviation Plant.

The third section of the Uzbekistan line – was opened on November 6, 1989 with stations:

  • Ghafur Guliam
  • Chorsu

The last section of the Uzbekistan line was opened on April 30, 1991, linking the “Old Town” with the Tashkent State University with the stations:

  • Tinchlick
  • Beruni

October 26, 2001, the first section of the Yunus-Abad line was opened, connected the residential Yunus-Abad district (the north side of Tashkent) with the City center. Length – approximately 7 km

Yunus-Abad line stations:

  • Ming Urik
  • Yunus Rajabi
  • Abdullah Kadyri
  • Minor
  • Bodomzor
  • Shahristan (formerly Habib Abdullayev)

In September 2016, information on the further development of the metro appeared. In the next 4 years, the city authorities intend to complete the construction of the section of the Yunusabad metro line, as well as to start building a new land branch in the Sergeli district.

Today, Tashkent metro is the safest and most convenient form of transport.

Photo – “Tashkent Metro” by Kamil Enikeev

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