Collection of 100 volumes of Karakalpak folklore is presented at the International Bakhshi Art Festival, which takes place in Termez from April 5 to April 10.

The Deputy Prime Minister Aziz Abdukhakimov participated at the  presentation of  folk art of Karakalpakstan during the  Festival.

At a meeting with representatives of the “Nuroniy” Fund for the Support of Social Activities of Veterans of Uzbekistan of the Karakalpak Branch, A. Abdukhakimov discussed the preservation of folk art in the modern world and its importance in the history of our people.

“This is a unique phenomenon of the Karakalpak and Uzbek ethnic groups, in which the musical history of the peoples is traced, as well as their connection with the Turkic historical past. Music as one of the main nets that connect people with each other, and it is precisely folklore, originality, uniqueness of culture – that’s what interests us and the rest of the world, ” – noted the Deputy Prime Minister.

The folklore of the Karakalpaks is very rich and has an ancient history, dastans (epics) occupy a special place in it. This edition includes eight versions of the “Alpamys” dastan, each of which was prepared strictly according to the original manuscript. In order to preserve the traces of individual performance skills of each zhyrau-narrator and, most importantly, to preserve the authentic content of spiritual creations, the texts are, as far as possible, given in unchanged form.

– We have published a collection consisting of 100 volumes, which includes the existing folklore of the Karakalpak people. We brought them here not by chance, because the art of Bakhshi is primarily the singing of dastans. This is the folk art in verses, which describe the history, events, way of life of our Karakalpak people, – says the head of the Nuroniy Foundation of the Karakalpak branch Sharof Husniddinov.

– Of course, it was not easy to collect all the dastans bit by bit. The first copies of books in which oral folk art, were published in the 30s of the last century. Since then, a lot of work has been done to restore a history of Karakalpak epic so important to our people, he noted.

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