Fayaztepa is an ancient Buddhist temple complex situated near the north-western ruins of the old city of Termez. Fayaztepa was built approximately in the I-III centuries BC and is considered as one of the oldest buildings in Uzbekistan.

The complex was found in the end of XX century. According to the stories, back in 1968, in this green area, the shepherd herded his flock. On one of the days, he found an amazing object for him, not like an ordinary stone, but rather a sculpture. Without any hesitation, he took it to the local history museum, where they found it to be a statue of Buddha, which is more than 19 centuries old.

An open-air museum Fayaztepa consists of three monumental buildings: in the central part there is a temple, a monastery in the north-western part and farms in the southeast. The total area of ​​the complex is 1.5 km2. One of the main parts is a Stupa (mortar), unlike other structures, located in outside the square, parallel to the sacred altar.

In each room of the complex you can see different sized niches – from small ones, 30 cm high to 1.5 meters high. In these niches earlier stayed statues of Buddha. Every year, thousands of tourists and pilgrims come to this place to express their respect for the great history and pray in a place from which Buddhism spread throughout Asia.

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