A house of craftsmen where unique patterns of national art – Uzbek carpets and suzani are made in the Baysun district of the Surkhandarya region, attracts tourists from all part of the world.

While meeting with a handicraft house, it seems as if you went to the past, while creating unique patterns of carpet weaving, the masters produces hand made manufactures, without using modern technologies.

Each room of the building is reserved for a separate process of production. At the first, carpets are made from camel and sheep wool. It requires a hard and painstaking work – craftswomen for hours combing wool on the machines.

The next room is intended for coloring all kinds of threads, with using only natural ingredients – for yellow color they use onion peel, for green – dried grass, etc. Further, you may see a workshop of artisans, where suzane is embroidered.

Here all these wonderful canvases made of cotton threads with a unique ornament are created.

In the fourth room there is a manufactury of carpets. They are working by hand and mostly by ancient way. Firstly, the drawing of the future product is applied on paper, and then created exactly on the carpet.

The last room is a museum with exhibits of the most significant and unique works of masters of the house for two centuries generation. Here you can see suzane, camel wool carpets, old machines.

The history of Boysun craftsmen takes back to ancient centuries, but the official chronicle began in the 17th century, and has since become famous throughout the world.

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