The Bolo House teahouse is located 50 meters from the Bolo House Mosque and the majestic Ark Fortress.

Here you can enjoy the taste of the famous Uzbek and Bukharan dishes, drink tart tea and enjoy the view of the ancient monuments of architecture.

Cuisine – Uzbek, Bukhara, Uigur

On the menu: Bread, Tea, drinks

Nut (Pea) soup, Noodle soup, Dumpling soup, Balaz soup

Uygur Lagman, Fried Lagman,

Plov, Shish Kebab

Tobacco chicken, Caucasian Chicken , Zhiz (in Uygur, Uzbek, chicken), Fish fillets

Alat Samsa, Samsa from tandyr


Service – 10%

Address: Bukhara,  opposite the Ark fortress

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