Yurt camp “Aydar”, located 10 km from the western shore of Aydarkul Lake.

The camp has 11 yurts, which are decorated with handmade carpets by local artisans.

Those who wish can spend evenings behind the fire to the sounds of songs of local akyns in the calm and quiet atmosphere of the desert, enjoying the view of bright stars.

For dinner, we offer to taste national dishes at the request of tourists, various salads, fruits and oriental sweets.

Here you can ride camels and go on several-day tracking.

Also in the camp there are quadrocycles and jeeps to travel in the desert. The lovers of hunting and fishing will be provided with everything needed for a wonderful pastime.

For a 1-2-hour camel ride, tourists will be able to get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the desert. (In fact, here you can see at least 25 species of plants and various animals).


Navoi region, Nurata district – 10 km from the western shore of Lake Aydarkul

Phone: +99893 723 81 72

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