One of the largest buildings of mid-17th century is the madrassah which was raised by Abdullaziz-khan ibn Nadr-Muhammad ibn Jani Beg Khan in 1651, with the clear intention to surpass all his predecessors on the throne in terms of richness architectural decoration. The madrassah of Abdullazizkhan at first glance is similar to the standing in front Ulugbek  madrassah. But Abdullaziz Khan Madrassah is larger in overall dimensions (50x67m – outside dimensions; yard – 28x35m). Particular attention is paid in Abdullaziz Khan madrasas, to interior decoration.

In darshan there can be found Murals in Chinese porcelain style in blue on the white background, featuring architectural landscape, light pavilions among the bizarre trees, stylized clouds and water flows.

Time also brought us the names of the authors of this remarkable monument, woven into the patterns they have created. This court builder  Muhammad Salih, mosaicist  Mime-khakan, the son of Khoja Muhammad Amin , who made the painting of the mosque, and the calligrapher Maulana Muhammad Amin.  All of these masters are representatives of a distinctive and highly developed art school.

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