The memorial museum is dedicated to the activities of one of the founders of the Jadid movement in Bukhara, Abdurauf Fitrat.

Abdurauf Fitrat (1886-1937) – Uzbek historian, philologist, translator, writer, playwright and poet, one of the founders of the modern literary Uzbek language and literature, experts on the past of the Uzbek people and their spiritual culture.

In Bukhara and other cities of Uzbekistan, Abdurauf Fitrat collected the most valuable collection of ancient oriental manuscripts, which in 1934 entered the State Public Library in the city of Tashkent. The contribution of Abdurauf Fitrat to the protection, restoration and study of historical and architectural monuments of Bukhara, to the development of modern Uzbek literature and theatrical life is great.

The museum exposition was opened in 1996. The exposition presents books and documents belonging to A. Fitrat, clothing beg of XX century and others.

Address: Bukhara, st. Naqshbandi

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