The exact date of his birth is unknown, but theoretically it is 783. Also, nothing is known about his childhood.  In some sources he is called “al-Majusi”, the magician, which implies that he originates from a sort of Zoroastrian priests, which later converted to Islam.

In all sources this scientist is called the father of algebra. We can not say that it did not exist before him.  Even in ancient times people solved simple algebraic problems, but al-Khwarizmi made algebra an independent science about the general solution methods of numerical linear and quadratic equations.

It should be noted that the term “algebra” is derived from the word “Al Jabr”, which is taken form the al-Khwarizmi’s treatise “Al Jabr Hisab val Muqabala ” (“Method of Completion and Balancing”).  But “algorithm” (the general solution of any mathematical problem) is derived from the name of the scientist, so the algorithm is a corruption of the name al-Khwarizmi.

Like many Central Asian scholars, Al-Khwarizmi was invited to the “House of Wisdom” in Baghdad, where the greatest scientists of those years worked .

The scientific heritage of al-Khwarizmi was almost twenty books, of which no more than ten survived .  The most popular books are – “The Book of Completion and Balancing” and the “Astronomical tables”.  Many generations of scholars, both in the East and in the West used the tables of al-Khwarizmi.

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