It is known under a name of the legendary wife of Amir Temur: Bibi-khanym (Saray-Mulk-khanym). There is a legend that she constructed this building as na expression of love to her husband. Actually it was built as the main mosque by order of Amir Temur after Ms Indian campaign. The construction of the building began in 1399 and was finished in five years. The powerful entrance portal strengthened with the towers- minarets (up to 50 meters high) on the comers. The portal of the main building acts as a mihrab.

In the centre of court yard there is a huge marble stand for the Koran (laukh). It was made at the time of Ulugbek, Amir Temur’s grandson. In later time (XVI-XVIII centuries) this stand was used by some rulers of Uzbek dynasties as original “throne”, where the khan was rested on white felt.

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