Tashkent PlazaTashkent Plaza shopping center serves mostly for exclusive uzbek national handicrafts wich include ceramics, carpets, painting, wood engraving, jewelery, woven goods and etc. Tashkent Plaza Art Center is the place where natural colors of Uzbek amateur and folk arts have found a new appearance in a new modern space. Exclusive masterpieces of the most experienced masters are the part of the year round exhibition sited in the business downtown of Tashkent, between two ultra modern buildings of International Business Center and 5-star Hotel Intercontinental.

Another factor to attract visitors to this place is a remarkable relaxing landscape of this area. Its worth to mention that regular master classes including various folk arts history, theory and practical classes are launched as the part of the Tashkent Plaza Art Center educational program. These classes will be your first steps in gaining practical knowledge of various Uzbek crafts. Gifted children can become the students of the Usto shogird school: program aimed to support knowledge transfer from masters to the younger generation. We believe that attending lectures at Tashkent Plaza Art Center all guests will find something valuable: bright memories, new exciting hobby or maybe an inspiration source and a chance to seize the real beauty of the national art.

Art Center is the unity of gifted national crafts masters, striving to achieve excellence in their creative work. Every art school has its own secrets. Masters of miniature painting, for example, use only self-made paint and paper well known in middle ages as “Samarqand paper”. Young masters of embroidery always prepare floral ornaments before starting their work. The unique blend of ancient ornaments with modern design allows them to create exclusive pieces of clothes.

Visit the Tashkent Plaza Art Center to experience virtuosity of masters and to enjoy the richness and variety of amateur and folk arts in Uzbekistan.

Address: Tashkent, Amir Temur Avenue, 107

Landmark: International Business Center

Tel: (+998 71) 238 94 08

Web-site: http://www.ibc.uz

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