Cafe Bibigon is a special place with a friendly atmosphere and tempting appetite dishes. The establishment combines fast food, a cocktail lounge and a sushi bar. Large selection of dishes, drinks and desserts and the largest number of types of pizza in the city. Delivery of the order to the house.

Address 1:

Bibigon C1 – Tashkent, st. Academician Gulyamov 38

(Orr: Electronics store, Le Grande Plaza hotel)



Address 2:

Bibigon Nikitin – Tashkent, Mirzo Ulugbek district, st. Hermontepa 34 (Nikitin St.).

(Or-r: Buyuk Ipak Yuli metro station)

Phone: 308-2-308

Address 3:

Bibigon Beshagach – Tashkent, st. Almazar 15/3

(Orr: Beshagach, Mukimi Theater)



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