The last days of a summer in Tashkent pass in the dance music rhythm. The Electronic Dance Music fest was held in the capital these days in August 17- 18.

The organizers of the festival, the  ArtUz Promotion Agency company,  did not skimp on the creative this year and offered to spend 2 days party in black and white.  The first Black Party fest day was held with a mandatory black dress code and the second White Party fest day  – respectively with a white dress code.

Muzaffar Sidikov, Producer of the project

We planned this project 2 years ago, the project is aimed at the development of electronic music in Uzbekistan and the identification of talents who write music. There are a lot of young gifted people who write music for foreign labels, but nobody knows about them in Uzbekistan. This is the second festival, the first project last year was very successful, we received a lot of positive feedback.

The main goal of this project: “Youth against drugs!” – this is the motto for the festival this year. We call on young people for a healthy lifestyle through music”.

The sponsors of the project this year became the Huawei Uzbekistan, Adrenaline Rush Uzbekistan, online store, radio station “Grand”, as an information partner.

On the first day of the festival, the summer playground “Turkiston” stormed under the hits and performances of the best Tashkent DJs: KMRN, DJ Sam, Ali & Ochil, Trace.

Malika Usmanova, a student of the National University of Uzbekistan after Mirzo Ulugbek, the Black Party fest visitor.

I’m very pleased that such a big party fest was organized in Tashkent with mega cool DJs, everything is just super – music and atmosphere. I’d like some more performance from the DJs, something new, really exploding our brains.

Headlining of the second White Friday party day was the MARUV – Ukrainian group, with the most popular track Drunk Groove which takes the first line of the Russian and European music charts.

Ravshan Khodzhiev, anchor of the project

I am very pleased with the interest of the youth of Uzbekistan in electronic music. The first festival last year has had a great success, there was a good train from that. “Youth against drugs!” Is the right choice of motto, because music can deliver much more pleasure to people. Young people who are fond of music understand that taking part at the festival is a good challenge for those who want to create quality electronic music.



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