In recent years the Republic of Uzbekistan is booming new area of tourism – “geotourism,” which allows you to vary the standard classical tour programs and attract foreign and local tourists. The main objects of geotourism are Geoparks.

This year, the 19th Tashkent International Tourism Fair of 2013 for the first time involved State Enterprise “Scientific-Research Institute of Mineral Resources” , specializing in the development of geo-tourism in the country.

The activities of the State Enterprise ” Scientific -Research Institute of Mineral Resources” is to conduct integrated research, thematic and regional operations. Development of recommendations to improve the use of geological subsurface evaluation of mineral potential of the republic, the selection of promising areas and facilities, including the assessment of the potential territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the development of geotourism.

Geotourism – this is a relatively new but very intensively developing direction of the global tourism industry.

The main objective Geotourism – enlightenment. The educational role of geotourism is to revitalize and enhance the knowledge of wide and various categories of people in the evolution of the Earth as a planet – its lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. This is necessary for the education of the younger generation a sense of respect for the environment.

The main objects of geotourism are Geoparks. Geopark – a kind of natural park, which is a geological monument of nature, and is considered an integral part of the national, cultural and historical heritage of the country. According to the criteria of natural areas to geological monuments (” the UN Convention on the protection of cultural and natural heritage of the Earth,” 1972, Paris), such facilities must:

  •  To represent a masterpiece of human creative activity (eg unique waste deposits, old mine workings, etc.), construction, architectural, technological, or the integrity of the landscape, the greatest natural geological phenomenon;
  •  The sharing of human values, the preservation of cultural traditions of different eras of civilization;
  •  Characterize the modern and the most important ecological and biological processes on Earth and the natural environment.

Some of the unique facilities for the development of geo-tourism in Uzbekistan:

Beshtybe – complex is composed of shallow marine clastic sediments rich in complex ammonite remains of vertebrates (sharks, plesiosaurs) and the remains of tree trunks. The presence of formations, ferruginous casts trunks (or stems) of plants Paleogene age (50 million years ago), buried in his lifetime position.

Ayaz Qala – remains the subject is difficult, “Stone Forest”. Characterized by the presence of external impressions trunks (stems) of plants of the Late Cretaceous age (100 million years ago).

Kokcha – are present in the sediments of the object multiple residues (casts) of land, native buried fragments of tree trunks, including vprizhiznennom position – the “stone forest”. At present, these residues are a kind of iron concretions cylindrical shape.

Ustyurt plateau – place a mystery. Usturt located between the peninsula and the Gulf Mangishlak Cora Bagaziy-goal in the west of the Aral Sea and Amudarya River delta in the east. Huge elevated plain has an area of about 200 thousand square meters. km. Very often the Ustyurt called boundary separating Asia and Europe. According to scientists, Ustyurt – is the bottom of a dried-up sea that existed in this area at the beginning and middle of the Cenozoic Era (21 million years ago). Especially beautiful Ustyurt during sunrises and sunsets, picturesque forms of aeolian origin are geomorphological appearance. The nature of the plateau is distinctive and unique, like “space” landscapes are rare.

From the point of view of geology and economics, geo-tourism can be interpreted as a specific method of subsoil in which the depths of themselves and their resources are still intact, they are only informational and aesthetic attributes.

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