Khiva is an amazing place. Old residents of one of the most ancient cities in the world say that healers, psychics and extrasensory individual would come to this land to get energized, to gain strength and indulge in meditation.  Whatever purpose you pursue while visiting Uzbek land we insistently recommend you to go to “Ichan Kala” Hotel Complex.

Despite the well-known saying you will kill in one fell swoop not two and even three birds, but a dozen of them in this place! A few minutes’ drive and a grand front entrance of the hotel is in front of you!!!  Now we are looking forward to the view which a heavy, carved door will open to satisfy our sophisticated eye… We hear whispers of ancient legends, take a step forward and stand still …

“… Legends come into being and relegate to oblivion.  But we cannot help thinking about them when we touch the warm walls of Ichan-Kala – the inner city, located in the most ancient part of Khiva. It attracts thousands of people from all over the world, for there is no other nation that is more hospitable and generous than Khorezmian people… ”

That is what our designers and founders tried to reflect in Tashkent Hotel – spirit, traditions, power and culture of ancient Khiva. An architectural miracle opening to your eyes is far beyond just to be called “a hotel”. It is a whole city, not otherwise! Being in a strange place we need a guide. Here we are to render you this small serve and token of our appreciation which we provide in advance. Let’s go …

The Hotel-Citadel offers villas named after the largest and most beautiful cities of Uzbekistan. Grand “Samarkand” – is the Eternal City evoking consciousness of everyone who has ever been in it. The little ones staying in “Ichan Kala” Hotel will find a surprise here – a “Kids’ Room where you children can entertain and play under our staff’s from morning till night. Ancient “Bukhara” – Sacred Bukhara, the Uzbek pearl which won worldwide fame and honor. The villa named after this city is for the most discerning guests. Paradisal “Fergana” combines unusual and attractive ancient architecture and modern practicality and elegance. Regal “Khorezm” is a special pride of “Ichan Kala” Complex. The two-story magnificence is entirely at the disposal of a single guest only. That whole house is subject to whims of one guest. Among the guest who enjoyed staying here are very famous people visiting our capital, such as the idol of the public, the great French actor Gerard Depardieu, Sultan Suleiman the star of “Magnificent Century” and in real life the actor named Halit Ergenc. That is only a partial list of “Khorezm” Villa guests. Mysterious “Khiva” which follows the overall style and coloring of ancient East. Luxury and authenticity of antique furniture is very organically combined with modern comfort of high class. In a very unusual atmosphere of Magnificent Century it is easy to feel at home regardless which country of the world you come from. By the way, you will find modernity not only in techniques, but also in performance of our personal for the guests. In our hotel you can always depend on our temps, take advantage of air ticket offices and currency exchange. Do you want to arrange your personal photo shoot? You are welcome! A studio equipped with all the necessary techniques is located in “Fergana” Villa. A few hours with a professional photographer and you enjoy memorable pictures. Not to mention such services as international telephone line, satellite television and wi-fi.

But let’s come back to the side streets of our ancient city Shahristan. Everything reminds you of complicated and intricate mazes of Khiva city architecture – narrow passageways lined with stone blocks, high walls-wells, and unusual ornaments in design made by a unique carving technique. While strolling around the citadel, you can make a declaration of love to your partner in any language, since another benefit we offer you is a high wall with inlaid bricks of translations of the cherished phrases into all languages of the world. Traditional Khorezmian hospitality is impossible without generous dastarkhan (tablecloth) of juicy and tasty fruit from Khorezm fields. Therefore like in old days we go to bazaar which is recreated right here between the villas. No, you will never buy anything here, because you can taste and evaluate everything free of charge! And you can practice your strength of mind and body in the gym of martial arts. This is another pride of our hotel. Huge boxing ring located just in the center of the gym and is up to the mark of all athletic norms. The ring is perfect for group boxing training or martial arts. For the fans of less aggressive recreation there is a fitness room, a gym, a sauna, a swimming pool, massage and beauty salon.

Naturally we have a marvelous “Baqqol” Restaurant Complex under the Hotel that consists of the Restaurant and a summer terrace. There you will definitely find a lot to your review.  Khorezmian traditions are expressed almost more intensely here than in the hotel. Every item of the interior is reasoned out so thoroughly that you feel completely immersed into an Oriental mysterious fairy-tale. Soft carpets make all the sounds velvet and enigmatic. Background music provides food for imagination. And the best chefs treat the exhausted body by delicious food. Here you can enjoy not only the familiar European dishes, but also traditional Khorez cuisine.

We can tell about a small Khiva in Tashkent City infinitely long, gracefully and tastefully. But with all reluctance to resort to clichés it’s really better touch the walls once which keeps a never-ending number of legends, stories and fairy tales. It’s worth to feel the warm sun of Khorezm, to plunge into indescribable atmosphere of Magnificent Century and see Khiva  sunrise in Tashkent…


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