The museum was opened in 2001 and is located in a modern building designed by the Bukhara architect Z. Klichev. The exposition is devoted to the life and work of the brilliant researcher of the Hadith, the leading figure of the theology of Islam – Imam Muhammad ibn Ismail al Bukhari.

The main work of the life of a philosopher and theologian was his work “Al-Jomi as-sahih”. This book contains the wise sayings and sayings of the Prophet Mohammed. To create the book, the scientist studied more than 600 thousand hadiths. In the Muslim world, the scientist is called “Amirul – Muminin Phil-Hadith,” which means “the Sultan of the Faithful in the science of Hadith.”


Address: Bukhara, Istirohat Culture and Recreation Park

Phone: (+99865) 224-42-90

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