This figure is well known throughout the Muslim world, he is the author of the collection of hadith, “Al-Jami al-Salih,” or “Authentic”, which is the second Muslim book after the Qur’an.  His birthplace is encrypted in the name – the future theologian, was born in Bukhara in the year 810.

Historians claim that Imam al-Bukhari had a phenomenal memory.  As soon as he read the book, he memorized it by heart.  It is believed that the theologian collected and recorded about 600 thousand hadith – traditions, based on the cases of life or some saying of the Prophet.  Some of the hadith, the most reliable, are entered in his book “As-Salih.”

Al-Bukhari is the author of many books, which are still revered throughout the Muslim world.  The significance of this figure is huge to this day.  The mausoleum of Imam al-Bukhari is one of the main pilgrimage sites in Uzbekistan. The theologian  was buried in the village Hartang near Samarkand.  A visit to the mausoleum of al-Bukhari, in conjunction with the Shahi Zinda and Rukhabad in one day, is called small hajj in Samarkand

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