Uzbek and then  the Soviet cinematographers devoted to Khoja  Nasreddin two magnificent movies – “Nasreddin’s Adventures” and “Nasreddin in Bukhara”. Also, in the blessed Bukhara which is considered the homeland of the joker, there established the interesting monument to this favorite folk character.

The monument is a part of the  Lyabi-House ensemble which is rather “young” compared to other constructions. According to the author, Nasreddin sits astride the favourite burro which accompanied him always and everywhere. The merry fellow holds the right hand on a breast, and in lifted left, between thumb and index fingers, the coin is clamped.

There is a legend that the monument recreates one of the stories, connected with Hodzhoy Nasreddin. Allegedly, once Nasreddin rescued the merchant who was drowning in a nearby to Lyabi-House reservoir. The rich man promised him to grant a gold coin, as a token of gratitude, but when it was rescued, his greed allowed him to give to the savior only a copper coin. That very coin Nasreddin holds in hand.

It should be noted that this monument enjoys special popularity among the residents and guests of Bukhara, the city of the fairy tales. Everyone considers it a must to be photographed against Nasreddin sitting on a burro. We hope that these pictures make a smile everyone who looks at them, after all  Khoja Nasreddin himself couldn’t live without laughter and humor.

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