Three-level underground temple of the Zoroastrians (S.Ashirov), Christian monastery (A.Raimkulov), a secret place of forbidden cults where mass sinful rites used to be accomplished  (M.Masson, Yu.Buryakov) and subsequently  converted into a mosque in the XIX century.

Located 6km. south slopes Olmaliq-Telau in the basin of  Nakpaysay, the left tributary of the  Akhangaran river. It is surveyed in 1934 by M. E. Masson.

Represents a cave construction in the loessial hill with a diameter up to 50 m and group of cave constructions. The northern, main entrance leads into a hall 17 meters in length. Excavation is carried out in 1992-1994 by O. M. Rostovtsev and V. V. Shapovalova. Archaeological materials belong to the middle of 1 millennium AD. Partial reinforcing works were performed in 1992 and in 2013.

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