During World War I Austrian officers, the prisoners of war were lodged in this building.

In the twenties of the XX century after the Russian revolution until the mid-thirties the building housed an orphanage.

In 1927 the 1st Exhibition of samples of the best works of the Uzbek masters was held in Tashkent. Later it developed into the permanent «Exhibition of the National Economy of Uzbekistan”. Year by year products of past centuries acquired such as  handmade embroidery, skullcaps, jewelry, carpets and other samples of folk arts accumulated there.

It is these works of folk arts and crafts began to be shown in the “Museum of artisanship and  crafts”, open in July 7, 1937 in Tashkent. Since 1938, the building housed the museum. Between 1941 and 1961  the building was restored.

In 1960 it received the title “Permanent Exhibition of Applied Arts of Uzbekistan”. In 1970 the the museum building was totally reconstructed.

In 1997 the museum was transferred to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan and received the status of “State Museum of Arts and Crafts”.

Currently the museum contains treasures of real pearls of art and crafts created by craftsmen  from the first half of the XIX century up to present.

Exhibits stored in the treasures of the museum from artistic point of view can be divided into 3 groups: works of applied art created according to ancient traditions and related to certain schools; works of art  enriched by artistic ornaments dating from the second half of the twentieth century  based on the traditional methods of folk artists, and the third group , consisting of works of contemporary art , decorated with colorful ornaments on the basis of the formation of the contemporary arts.

The exhibits gathered in the museum stored in collections which are divided into 20 titles , and are shown in expositions of these types.

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