The Museum of Fine Arts is located in the former building of the State Bank, built in 1912 in the European style designed by Russian architects Sakovich and Margolis.

The structure has a complex architectural composition – it is built above the bed of the city channel Shahrud. The building has architectural, town-planning and historical value as a monument to the colonial buildings of the beginning of the 20th century.

The upper floor of the passage was occupied by a branch of the Azov-Don Bank, as well as the company store of the Russian industrialist and philanthropist Savva Morozov.

Since 1982, a branch of the Bukhara State Architecture and Art Museum-Reserve – the Museum of Fine Arts – has been located in this building.

In the museum you can get acquainted with the expositions of arts and crafts. The exhibition of fine art (Art Gallery), presents works of talented painters, graphic artists and sculptors of Uzbekistan.

The formation of the collection of fine art objects in the Museum-Reserve can be attributed to 1932. Most of the exhibits entered the museum after the Republican art exhibitions in the period from 1932 to 1965.

Among them are unique works of masters of the brush – PP. Benkova, V. Karakhana, M.I. Kurzina, R. Akhmedova, U. Taksinbaeva, A. Abdullaeva.

The art gallery demonstrates the best works of famous Bukhara artists, painters, sculptors, graphic artists N. Hafizov, H. Babayev, M. Sadykov, A. Barnoyev, Norhurozov, B. Salomov, Z. Saidzhanov, N. Babayev, miniatures of the national artist of Uzbekistan Sadriddin Pochchaev and others.


Address: Bukhara, st. Naqshbandi, 41

Telephone: 8 (365) 224-58-53, 224-49-48


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