At the entrance to the Museum you will see monument to Abu Ali Ibn Sina (Avicenna ) the greatest Aesculapius of X-XI centuries. Museum walls are decorated with reproductions of Oriental miniatures depicting history of medicine in Uzbekistan: “Lessons of Ibn Sina”,  and an Oriental Bath – Hammam.

Exposition of the main halls devoted to the history of medicine and hygiene. Separate thematic museum is devoted to the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases.

ОOne of the most interesting exhibits is a glass man, a mannequin of a human anatomical structure brought Dresden. There are five of such exhibits throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States in total.

Mannequin is a human -sized figure on which for the first time in the history the structure of the human body simply and clearly shows to the general public. On the model you can turn on a light to illuminate the internal organs. Slide the glass man conducted at the request.

Location: 30 Istiqlol str. Mirabad, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Tel.: (+998 71) 233 40 53, 233 42 78, 233 41 53

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