Exhibits that had previously been located in the B. Grabovsky Museum of the History of Electronic Television were moved here, led by which, on July 26, 1928, in Tashkent, a group of inventors was able to transmit and receive on the screen a television photo image of a moving Tashkent tram!

It also presents the stages of postal development – these are samples of clothes for postal employees, stamps, stamps, and vultures.

In August 1976, Lunokhod was launched, part of the rigging was made at the Uzbek enterprise Koinot. The museum presents one of the models of this unique device, as well as high-tech mini-PBX for rural areas produced at this enterprise today and digital tuners.

The stand with models of phones of various standards attracts attention. Despite the fact that these exhibits are more than 60 years old they are connected to a telephone line and can be used until now.

One of the unique exhibits is a cell phone, from which on August 28, 1992, President Islam Karimov carried out the first conversation on mobile communications in Uzbekistan.


The exhibit, which is called the main thing in the museum, is also impressive – it is the tree of effective development of domestic telecommunication technologies from the past to the present on which unique information is also collected.

Tours are conducted in Russian, Uzbek and English.

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