Madrasah Muhammad Rahimkhan – one of the largest in Khiva. It was built in 1876 at the behest of Khan Seyid Muhammad Rahim II (1863–1910), also known as the poet Feruzshah.

In 1994, the madrasah was restored, and the exposition of the Museum of History and Literature of Khorezm was opened here. The museum exposition occupied a rather large area, including the lobby, the audience room and the winter mosque of the madrasa.

At the entrance to the museum one can see the history, culture and art of the peoples living on the territory of the Khiva Khanate, formed at the beginning of the XVI century and the neighboring states of Iran and the Bukhara Khanate. Here you can get acquainted with the materials about education at the end of the XVI and the beginning of the XVII centuries in Khorezm of the centralized state, as well as the impact of its domestic and foreign policy on the peoples of Central Asia.

The museum presents for display the state symbols of the Khiva khanate – banners, money and original photographs of the last representatives of the Khans of Khiva, goods of commerce brought from foreign countries, Chinese and Russian porcelain, products of local artisans, weapons, clothing, household utensils and other exhibits.


Address: Khiva, Ichan-Kala, Madrasah Muhammad Rahim-Khan

Phone: (0362) 375-31-69; 375-36-44

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