The Museum of Applied Arts and Life of Khorezm is located in the madrasa of Kazy-Kalyan and includes works of the XVIII – XIX centuries. and some samples of the XX century. Guests of Khiva can get acquainted here with products of national craftsmen, who created beautiful samples of jewelry, carpet weaving, ceramics, wood and stone carving, and copper minting. The collection of women’s jewelry attracts with a variety of techniques characteristic of Khorezm.

Local features differed artistic metal processing. Ornaments covered elongated teapots (choydishi), trays, jugs for washing, pots for money changers, canisters, etc. Sometimes an inscription was included in the ornament, more often poetic statements. A sample of such a vessel is in the exhibition.

In the Museum of Applied Arts, one can get acquainted with the whole variety of forms of Khorezm ceramics. In the middle of the XIX century. she was experiencing her new heyday. The exhibition presents works by famous masters – usto Allakor, usto Yusupkuolol, Iskander Kalantarov and others. The products are distinguished by their artistic originality, both in forms and in colors, mostly green. In the motifs of pottery painting, masters from Khorezm use specific subject images – jugs, knives, musical instruments, guns, etc. Khorezm is famous for its carved wood. The museum presents works of the national master of Uzbekistan, woodcarver Ata Palvanov, whose works were exhibited at international exhibitions.

Address: Khorezm region, Khiva district, Islomkhoji street.

Opening hours: from 9.00 to 18.00.

Tel: (0362) 375-31-69; 375-36-44

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