In Khiva there is a beautiful palace “Nurullabo’y”. It was built in the beginning of the 20th century, in the outer of the city, because, in the walls of Ichan-Kala, there was not enough place to build such a big building. The complex includes madrassas, more than 100 rooms and galleries. All this is surrounded by a high wall. It is very quiet and peaceful place. It is worth to come here to admire the magnificent interiors of the palace.

This unique historical monument was built under the rule of the Khan of Khiva – Muhammad Rahimkhan II. The architecture and decorative decoration of the interiors of the country palace are a mixture of the old Khwarezm style with the European one. In addition to traditional blue and white colors, the design used gilding with interspersed red and green.

The summer residence of “Nurullabo’y” is surrounded by high walls with numerous turrets, courtyard and pavilions. The palace includes a reception room, a hall for meals and audiences, an octagonal mirrored room and of course rest rooms. The masters decorated the walls with colored majolica, ganch (a mix of gypsum/clay) carvings. Russian Emperor Nicholas II presented to the Khan with chandeliers and an electric power station. In the main halls there were fireplaces lined with tile tiles, Venetian mirrors and bronze gilded chandeliers with crystal pendants. Parquet boards covering the floor in the Khan’s reception room were taken from St. Petersburg.

Moreover last year, the British edition of The Telegraph, included Khiva in the rating of the most beautiful cities on the planet, which everyone should see at least once in their lives.

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