Qizilolma memorial is a monument of the early Middle Ages and directly adjoins Paleolithic dwelling Kulbulak. Along the shores Kizilolmasay mining gold and polymetallic ores was carried out.Currently in the middle reaches of Kizilolmasay there is a production of precious metal on an industrial basis.

On the banks of Kizilolmasay there still preserved burial mounds of mid of the 1st millennium BC, some of them excavated , and a medieval settlement of miners was revealed.

Burials (Dzhetytyube). Located in the left bank of the lower reaches Kyzylalmasaya, in 0,05 km to the South from Kulbulak dwelling. Represent 7 funeral barrows with a stone embankment with a diameter of 12 — 18 m, and a height of 1 – 1,5 m extended by a chain along the river bank. Dates back to the 4-6 centuries AD. Excavation was carried out by K.Alimov in the 70th of the XX century.

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