It is located near to the village of Taqachi, Bekabad region on the leveled archaeological site Uchtepa. This monument of archeology was surveyed in 1963 by Chatkal-Kurama archaeological group of E.F.Buryakova. Represents the ruins of three hills combined by unfortified area of 2500 m with the mausoleum of Qyzyl Mazar. Total area of the site is 360х160 sq.m. Finds belong predominantly to the X—XVI centuries.

Qyzyl Mazar – only preserved monument of architecture of the Tashkent region, associated with the name of Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur. Mausoleum dates back to the XVI century. Located in the cemetery near the village of Taqachi. In the 1990s locals made repair works at their own expence.

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