Here was reflected the complete multi millennia history of the city. At the time of Amir Temur, Registan turned into a city center of Samarkand. After which, during the time of Mirzo Ulugbek (1409-1449) it got its more prominent status. The Modern ensemble of Registan is made up of Ulugbek Madrassah (1417-1420), Sher-Dor Madrassali (1619-1636) and Tilla-Kori Mosque Madrassah (1647- 1660). There was a monastery of mystics (hanaka) and tombs in the south side of the Registan square known as Childukhtaron among people. They were constructed by the order of Kuchkunji-khan (1527— 1530) and thereby they were added (kosh) to Tilla-Kori Madrassah. The building was destroyed during the earthquake of 1904, and in 1910 it disassembled completely and its place tarred into a square. The current appearance of the Registan Square has been restored during the last 100 years.

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