Restaurant «Exclusive» is located close to the Samarkand city center. Comfortable interior and magic cuisine are the particularities that the visitors appreciate it for.  Here you can taste meat specialties cooked by our chef with a special skill.

Cuisine: European, Armenian and Caucasian cuisines, Chef`s Authorised cuisine.

The key trend in the Restaurant`s menu is European, namely French and Caucasian cuisines. Traditional meal of those people picks up its piquancy here in the Restaurant «Exclusive».

Live background music sounding at the restaurant  will just increase appetite and will help you and to your guests to relax in an easy atmosphere of the restaurant.

Music: Background, Live, Live instrumental, Instrumental, Classical, Jazz, National, Contemporary songs.

Suggestions: Banquets, Catering, Business Lunch, Fish menu, Grill, Food for the order, desserts and pastries, unbottled draught beer, takeaway, order food to home and office.

Open hours: from 12.00 to 24.00

92 Amir Temur Street, Samarkand

Telephone: (99866) 233-60-90

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