Demanding public, luxurious interior, the unique atmosphere of glamour and sophistication. Welcome to Lux House! The decor of “Lux House” is the most luxurious and dazzling. It is a subtle harmony of the classics, with an emphasis on the rich baroque style.

The establishment features original technical equipment. Lighting and sound are perfect. Here you have the opportunity to have fun relaxing with friends, because the restaurant has karaoke!

We have the best equipment for karaoke, expensive microphones of professional level, experienced, attentive sound engineers. The restaurant applies a unique sound system, developed especially for establishments taking into account of features of the halls. Music Library of our institution is made up of thousands of songs: the best samples of domestic and foreign music.

“Lux House” offers its guests a variety of high European cuisine, which differs not only by undisputed quality, but also by effective serving. Author delights from the chef are also in the menu, they will impress the most discerning palates. It is also important that every dish is prepared “under the knife”, which guarantees freshness and unique flavour of fresh ingredients. You can also treat yourself with interesting cocktails!

The main principle in the work is always adhered here: it is to give guests maximum pleasure, offering comfort in the details, based on the best traditions of the premium places.

Samarkand, Navoi street, 23
Phone: 233-02-09, (91) 553-38-83
Open hours: from 10:30 to 23:00
Parking: available

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