Museum of Remembrance of Victims of the Repressions is the only one of its kind in the CIS. It presents everything somehow connected with the repressions and persecution of the people of Uzbekistan. Suppression of the national liberation movements by the  Tsarist Russia, later by the Soviet regime, the destruction of the most active layer of the population and intellectuals under the auspices of combating Basmachis ( the rich ) and so called counterrevolutionary movement,  forcibly evicted from the country, Stalinist repression – all these horrific events are reflected in the Museum.

They talk about the uprisings that took place in the region, the fall of the Kokand Autonomy in February 1918, the Jadid movement – intellectuals in Central Asia, which have made a major emphasis on education, enlightenment and awareness, some of which were in favor of independence of Turkestan from Russian. Ethnic cleansings, search for internal enemies, the Gulag camps, and so-called “a cotton case” of 1980 are the annals of history of the Uzbek republic.

The memory of the killed is sacred. Honoring the memory of victims of the repressions who dreamed of the happy days of the present, who generously sacrificed their lives in the name of noble goal of freedom exalts our thoughts, purifies the spirit. We need to educate people, especially the younger generation in the spirit of respect for the memory of our dedicated ancestors who fought for the triumph of justice and independence.

In order to build a democratic state which is the path of political and economic reforms, stand on a par with leading world powers, it is necessary to know of its history as much as possible. We must study and analyze the bright and the dark pages of its history. And from the lessons of the past to retrieve the necessary conclusions.

There is a  new park formed  planted with young arborvitae shaped like an obelisks to each lost soul, plenty of flowers planted as a memory of suffering people and the tribute from the residents of Tashkent.

The territory of the Museum is framed with water meaning that the  time heals all wounds but the memory of those who innocently died defending their right to think and to live by their own motion will remain always in people’s memory.

Location: Amir Timur st., opposite Tashkent TV Tower.

Tel.: (+998 71) 212 42 46

Working hours: 9:00 – 17:00

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