It is located to the right of Telau-Sanam Road. It is revealed in 2007 by employees of GLAVNPU and geological expedition (Ashirov S., Kozoroyez K.)  The Hill is of a sub square form with a citadel inhe north-western part, with the height up to 40/45 ms above the road level. Shakhristan is of a rectangular form of 600 x 900 ms, inside Shahristan a pool is located, it’s dimensions are of 40х30 ms with 5 ms in depth.

On the southern part adjacent to Shahristan was an unfortified part extending southwards to 2 km., where could be counted 33 of the mounds including twin mounds (Koshkurgan).

The ancient channel was dug with the width of upto 30 and up to 10 m deep from the southern side to Shahristan. According to the materials found (that of Chach, Bukharkhudad, including Kokand coins, ceramics) it dates to the IV-XVIII centuries.

Prospecting excavations were conducted in 2007 by S. Ashirov.

Since 2012 a large-scale excavations began headed by Academician A. Askarov. In 3 km. from Suyurtepa there is a sanctuary Paygambar ota located on an early medieval archaeological site.

It is identified with Ilak’s capital the city of Tunket (S. Ashirov, 2005, A.Askarov, 2012).

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