Syrdarya region is one of the first-order administrative units of the territorial division of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The administrative center is the city of Gulistan.


Syrdarya region is located in the central part of Uzbekistan, on the left side of the Syrdarya river. In the north it borders with Kazakhstan, in the south with Tajikistan, in the west with the Jizzakh region, in the east with the Tashkent region.


The territory of Syrdarya region was part of different state entities: the Achaemenid Empire, Kangui States, Eftalits, Turkic khanate, Western Turkic Khaganate, the Arab Caliphate, the Samanid state, Karakhanids, Khorezm, Chagatai ulus, the empire of Amir Temur, Timurids, and Sheibanids, Ashtarkhanids.

The city of Syrdarya today has more than 30 thousand inhabitants and is the center of the Syrdarya region.

The city is located on the left bank, but 10 km from the Syrdarya River.

The city of Syrdarya was formed in 1971 on the site of the station of the same name and nearby villages, in particular, the village of Samsonovo.

Along with the capital of the region, Gulistan and Yangier, Syrdarya is the largest industrial center of the region. The city has developed mainly light industry, heavy industry, there are several chemical plants, animal husbandry and agriculture. Also, due to the convenient location of the city in the floodplain of the SyrDarya River, the fishing industry and hunting craft became widespread.


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