The Gur-Emir mausoleum is considered a model architecture of Central Asia.  The building was laid by the grandson and heir of Amir Temur – Muhammad – Sultan as a madrassah (construction started in 1401). However, Muhammad – Sultan fell ill and died while returning from a campaign to Asia Minor. For this reason, his madrassah by the order of Amir Temur was rebuilt and Muhammad – Sultan was buried there.

The famous historian of Temur, Sharafiddin Ali Yazdi wrote that “the dome of this building is high, like the sky, the lower parts of the building are decorated with gilt and turquoise patterns on the marble”. Later, there was buried (1405) Amir Temur himself. Later, during the reign of Ulugbek, by the order of his father, Shahrukh Mirzo (son of Amir Temur) the building was finally completed and turned into a mausoleum of Temurids.

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