Tashkent Imam Al-Bukhari Islamic Academy is located in the building of the old Namazgoh mosque, which is part of the Hazrati Imam religious complex.

The school was founded in 1971 by the famous Islamic preacher and scholar, Sheikh Ziyauddinkhan ibn Eshon Babakhan.

The academy was named in honor of Imam al-Bukhari, the prominent Islamic figure who one of  the first researched Hadith (legends about the deeds and statements of the Prophet Muhammad).

The present image of the Islamic Academy was obtained in 2007, after the general reconstruction of the Hazrati Imam complex.

Over the years, the Higher Islamic Institute has gained great prestige in the Muslim world. Future theologians, religious scholars and specialists in Islamic law continue their education here after the madrassah.

Address: str. Zarkainar (near the Hazrati Imam complex)

Dress code: when visiting religious sights of Uzbekistan, women should cover their exposed parts (shoulders, back and legs).

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