The Mir Arab Madrassah is the major portion of the entire architecture of the Pa-yi Kalon ensemble, which includes the madrasah is believed to be built by Sheiykh Abdallah Yamani (his ancestors came from Yamen), spiritual leader of early Sheybanids. Ubaydullah khan (1512-1539) donated means for construction of the madrasah. The portal of the madrasah is faced on the portal of Kalyan mosque. Kalon minaret is located on the South-West of the madrasah.

The Mir Arab madrasah was restored several times. In 1970-75 cylinders and domes have been restored. At the same time the main entrance portal, yard portals were restored. The restoration engineering strengthened main portal and southern yard portal. Great restoration work with random restoration of architectural decoration and inscriptions were made on the eve of the 2,500th anniversary of the city of Bukhara in 1997. The main façade, the avian of the main façade, roof, facing the dome has been completely renovated. The huge estrade (sufa) was disassembled outside of the main entrance. This building has been serving as a religious madrasah since 1945.

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